$3100 Found In Old Film Reel, Returned To 90-Year-Old Florida Woman by Video Transferring Service YesVideo

Evelyn Weiner dropped off an old 8mm film reel at her local Walmart expecting DVDs in return – but got $3100 as well!

Rotunda West, FL / Santa Clara, CA – August 1, 2012
– ROTUNDA WEST, FL / SANTA CLARA, CA, – August 1, 2012

Through the honesty of a YesVideo team member, $3100 has been returned to ninety-year old Evelyn Weiner, who was unaware that the money had been stored in an old 8mm film canister by her late husband. When the Rotunda West, FL resident dropped off the reel of family footage at her local Walmart to have it transferred to DVD, the canisters of movie film were shipped off to YesVideo, the leading video transfer service in the United States.

At YesVideo's East Coast production facility in Norcross, GA, film splicer Venera Bejtullahu opened a movie film canister to begin processing the 8mm film reel, but unexpectedly found thirty-one $100 bills laying underneath that film reel.

Upon discovering the surprise, Bejtullahu spoke with her supervisor, Suada Kadiric, about getting in touch with Ms. Weiner so the money could be returned to her. YesVideo contacted Ms. Weiner, and after some disbelief on her part, the good fortune started to settle in and she remarked, "People don't believe good things happen anymore. But there are still honest people out there, and this whole experience was really beyond my wildest dreams."

Ms. Weiner, who turns 91 this month, was born in Connecticut and moved to Miami in 1970 with her husband Mickey, and children, Cheryl, Susan, and Billy. Ms. Weiner wanted to give her children, niece and nephew something special by digitizing an old 8mm film reel they discovered in her Rotunda West home. While ruminating on why her husband may have stashed the cash in the canister, Weiner could only imagine it was his savings for a trip they had always wanted to take. "I know it was my husband who hid the money, probably for the trip to Israel that we always talked about," Weiner said. "He liked hundred-dollar bills, and he knew I could never save money!"

The nonagenarian has displayed strength through losing her husband, as well as her daughter Cheryl, a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. Besides going out to dinner with her family and playing Mahjong with friends, Weiner also embraces technology – she has a Facebook account, and it was her idea to go to Walmart to digitize her old home movies.

Ms. Weiner was delighted not only by the $3100 discovery, but also by watching the old film reel, which she hadn't seen in many years. Thanks to YesVideo, she was able to relive memories from a family barbecue, one of her daughter's first baths, and even some clips of herself with her parents at the beach.

YesVideo, the service used by Walmart and other major retailers throughout the country, is rooted in the belief that everyone's memories are invaluable and should be preserved. YesVideo digitizes photos and videos from outdated media (such as 8mm, 16mm, VHS and Beta) onto DVDs, and also offers cloud-based storage, perfect for instant and continuous sharing with friends and family. Precise and delicate care is taken when handling every customer's irreplaceable media, and the action taken by Bejtullahu is exemplary of the high standard of excellence the company has in place.

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