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Where do I find my Groupon redemption code? Log into your Groupon account to view or print your YesVideo Groupon offer. Your unique redemption code will be located in the middle of your Groupon Voucher.

Where do I enter my Groupon redemption code? During the online order process, you can enter your redemption code on the "Review Order" page. Simply enter the coupon code into the Coupon Code text field and the amount will automatically be applied to your order.

How is each order priced? Pricing varies depending on the amount and type of media you transfer. Visit the Services & Pricing page for full details, or go ahead and place your order online. There you can review your order and receive a price estimate before you reach the final payment page.

How do I order DVDs of my transferred home movies? When placing your transfer order online, you will be able to order DVD copies of your transferred home movies for $6.99. If you would like to order DVDs at a later date, you can also create and order custom DVDs directly from your YesVideo online account for $9.99 per DVD.

What can I get for my Groupon value? The amount of materials you can transfer depends on the value of your Groupon. Visit our Services & Pricing page for full details.

What if I have more footage to transfer than my Groupon will cover? No problem! Your order is not limited to the value of the Groupon and we will gladly transfer all the materials you send to us. Just keep in mind that your credit card will be billed for the amount that exceeds the Groupon value.

If I don't use the full value of the Groupon, can I use the remainder for another order? Groupon codes are one-time use only, there is no rollover amount.

How long does the service take? Most customers receive their completed orders safely and securely via UPS within 14 business days after delivering the media that they want transferred to YesVideo.

Can I use more than one coupon with my order? Only one coupon can be applied per order. Multiple offers cannot be combined when using your Groupon.

Where will my order be sent for processing? When you order directly online, you will ship your order to our Santa Clara, CA facility where all direct online orders are processed. You will be provided full packaging and mailing instructions as part of the order process when you redeem your Groupon.

Does my Groupon voucher expire? The promotional value of your Groupon has a lifespan of about 3 months. However, the amount paid for the voucher never expires. If the promotional value has expired for your Groupon and you would like to use the paid value please contact our Customer Care team at 866-493-7383.

Can I use my Groupon voucher at a retailer such as Costco, CVS, or Walmart? Your Groupon can only be used online through our direct website www.yesvideo.com and cannot be redeemed at any retail partners.

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us at groupon@yesvideo.com.