YesVideo® Japan and Kitamura Camera Announce Digital Transfer to Blu-Ray

New Output Offers Consumers HD Quality on Transferred Digital Home Video Memories

Santa Clara, Calif. – October 1, 2010
YesVideo, the leader in consumer media conversion services, today announced a new offering of converting consumer's 720p and 1080p high definition home movies from camcorders and digital cameras direct to Blu-ray discs at all Kitamara photography and camera retail locations throughout Japan. This new offering enables consumers to convert hours of digitally recorded home videos to Blu-ray, allowing them to easily view and share their memories in the highest picture quality available. With Japan at the forefront of Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD) camera technology, Japanese consumers have been capturing their precious home movies in high definition for years. AVCHD point-and -shoot, SLR and video cameras capture these home movies in 720p and 1080p high definition thus creating a compelling need for a conversion service to render these movies on Blu-ray discs for easy viewing and archival.

"YesVideo has always been at the forefront of providing our customers with cost effective solutions to converting their analog and digital home movies to contemporary viewing formats and the new Blu-ray output option for digital home movies continues that trend. Blu-ray output has been the most popular request from our customers and partners in recent years," said Gregory Ayres, Chief Operating Officer of YesVideo. "We are excited to begin this initiative with our long-stand ing partner Kitamura Camera and we look forward to expand ing this offering to the North America and Europe in the near future."

"Our customers have hours and hours of high definition home movies stored on hard disc drive camcorders and SD cards. They are asking for a solution to move this high definition content to Blu-ray discs so they are easy to view and share. We are proud to offer the superior features and quality that YesVideo has achieved on Blu-ray products" said Hideyuki Onishi, of Kitamura Co., Ltd.

Blu-ray output is available immediately from YesVideo Japan at Kitamura retail locations starting at 3890 ¥ ($40 USD). For more information, please visit

About Kitamura Co., Ltd.
Kitamura Co., Ltd. (Kitamura Group) is a technology and communications sector-based company engaged mainly in visual and information businesses in Japan. The company's key business-line is divided into two major segments. The Visual and Information segment is involved in the operation of stores that sell visual and information products, the mail order of products through the Internet, the import and sale of products, as well as the provision of repair services. The other segment is engaged in the provision of management consultation services, the sale of X-ray films and medical equipment, the planning of new products, as well as the operation of call centers. Its main products include visual equipment, such as cameras, digital cameras and video cameras; information equipment such as personal computers and peripheral equipment; films such as negative films and reversible films; prints such as color prints and postcards and other equipment such as batteries. The company has 12 subsidiaries and 1, 200 sales offices across the nation. The company is headquartered in Kochi, Japan. In 2009, four companies combined to form one entity named Kitamura Co., Ltd.

About YesVideo
YesVideo, Inc. (, is the leading media conversion provider that brings generations of families' video and photo memories to today's most popular viewing formats. YesVideo is the only company trusted by world's leading retailers, dedicated to providing consumers with an easy and affordable solution that stores, organizes and preserves their previous memories in a DVD format and online with MemorySafe, a secure online digital protection program. YesVideo enables customers to share their home movies and photos in their homes, online via MemorySafe, on mobile devices and on social networks. Founded in 1999, YesVideo is a privately held company, with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, with production facilities on the East and West coast of the United States. YesVideo provides digital transfer services to consumers at over 34,000 retail locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.