YesVideo Launches iPad App, Lets Us Go Back in Time and Take a Picture with New 'Snapshot' Feature

New proprietary technology allows customers to capture photos from vintage home movies

Santa Clara, CA (July 18, 2013) —Today YesVideo, the leading cloud platform for video memories, launched a groundbreaking service called Snapshot that extracts the best digital photos from vintage home videos. Snapshot is first available within YesVideo's iPad application, which is also being released in the App Store today. This app allows YesVideo customers to view and share their vintage videos and photos on their iPads.

A consistent request among YesVideo's seven million customers has been to have the ability to generate new photos from their vintage videos. YesVideo has answered with Snapshot.

YesVideo customers who have had their videos transferred to the cloud can create new Snapshots using these simple steps:

  1. Watch an old home movie, such as a childhood trip to Disneyland, on an iPad
  2. Find a special moment from which they'd love a still picture
  3. Click on that frame, and the Snapshot feature will capture THAT moment, PLUS 15 more frames surrounding it (e.g. shaking Goofy's hand, laughing at Goofy, pulling Goofy's tail, Goofy running away, etc.)
  4. Save the 4-tiled Snapshot to the iPad's Camera Roll, where it can be shared with friends and family via email or Facebook, printed via services like Costco 1-Hour Photo, Shutterfly and CVS/pharmacy or added to Apple Photostream.

With this new feature, YesVideo allows people to take the photos they never got to take, and relive moments in an instant. On average YesVideo customers have 3 hours of video memories in their accounts, which translates to hundreds of thousands of possible Snapshots. YesVideo anticipates that in addition to prints, hundreds of products can be created from these priceless images, like photo books, holiday cards, calendars and posters.

"Many photos from decades past have unfortunately been lost or destroyed, gone forever - or perhaps special family moments were only captured in videos, but not photos," explains Michael Chang, CEO of YesVideo. "Snapshot literally lets you travel back in time to capture photos that you never could before."

YesVideo uses proprietary algorithms to index and rank every video frame; Snapshot in YesVideo's iPad app will automatically surface the highest-ranked still frames for customers who do not want to select photos on their own.

With the addition of YesVideo's iPad app, video memories can now be accessed on tablets, smartphones, web and AirPlay, giving YesVideo's customers the ultimate flexibility to view their home movies on any screen.

To see how the iPad app works, please visit:

To download the YesVideo iPad app, please visit the App Store.

About YesVideo:

YesVideo brings back memories.

The company solves a massive personal video problem: 1.5 billion vintage videos from the '20s to 2000s are currently stored in the attics and closets of 90 million U.S. households, where they are fading and decaying day by day. YesVideo saves those memories by digitizing them using patented technology.

The company transfers and hosts its customers' vintage video memories so they can easily view, edit and share them with their families and friends.

YesVideo currently serves 34,000 retail locations in the United States, including Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club, CVS/pharmacy and Rite Aid, and online at Target and have digitized ten million vintage videos for more than seven million customers.

Consumers may drop off their personal film (8mm, 16mm, VHS, Beta, etc), prints, slides and photo albums. All materials are processed in Norcross, GA or at the company's headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.

Media Contact for YesVideo:

Rachael Himsel Nunez

415.677.9125 x 257