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Album Scanning

It literally means we are not touching the photos in your album. Our patented technology of digitizing images straight from the album pages creates a touchless process where no handling of the individual photos is involved. We will need to touch your album to position it in our scanner but will not touch your photos.

Yes! Your original media and containers will be returned with your completed order.

We use a patented technology to digitize images straight off the pages of your album. This creates a touchless process and removal of the photos from the album is not necessary.

You will receive your original album(s), a digital copy of each media in a downloadable format, plus any additional devices you ordered, such as a USB thumb drive and DVDs.

You will receive your completed order in about 4 weeks (includes processing and return shipping) from the time we receive your album; it will include your originals, your Digital Copy, and USB or DVD you ordered.

We accept albums up to 14” x 14” and can extract photos of any size within the album.

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