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Placing an Order

  1. Visit and click the Start My Order button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Select the media you would like to preserve.
  3. Complete the order form and proceed to checkout.
  4. If needed, sign in to your YesVideo Home Movie and Photo Transfer account.
  5. Complete your Shipping and Billing information, and click "Place My Order".
  6. Print your Shipping Documents.
  7. Pack your order according to our Shipping Instructions .
  8. Drop off your shipment at the shipper of your choice. If you chose the option for a pre-paid UPS shipping label, visit your local UPS drop-off location to drop off your shipment.

You will pay the Estimated Total at checkout, which is calculated from the order details you have provided. If the order we receive is different than the details you provided, you will be charged or credited the difference. This amount will appear on your shipping confirmation email.

If you have a wedding video or a similar video recorded by a professional, we are able to transfer the footage. Any other third-party copyrighted material must be accompanied by a
copyright waiver form . Please submit a completed form with your order.

If you are unsure whether your media contains copyrighted footage, please feel free to send it to us, and we will send it back unprocessed if we cannot complete the transfer.

  1. Print your Shipping Documents
  2. Follow the Shipping Instructions and pack your order for shipment
  3. Drop off your shipment at the shipper of your choice or at a UPS drop-off location (if you selected a pre-paid UPS shipping label)
It is important to pack your order properly before sending. Please see our
What can I do to make sure that my order is safe? FAQ.

For USB copies, you can add a title that will appear as the file name(s).

For DVD copies, you can add a title (up to 35 characters) and choose from
16 different themes for your DVD. For film, photo, slide, and negative transfers, you can also add background music .

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