"I wouldn't have known when I sat down to watch this 42-year-old film that it was going to completely change my life."
Bonnie R.
Potosi, MO
"You don’t know what you have until something like this brings it back... Finding these things...it’s like wow."
Brandi Chastain
Two-time Olympic gold-medalist,
Two-time FIFA Women's World Cup champion
"I have received the online version of my first video. It's AMAZING! Thank you so much with tears, joy and laughter. This is priceless."
Tam Anderson
Caro, MI
Just got my first three films back from YesVideo today. I was so pleased with the product. Brought back so many great memories. Will definitely be using YesVideo again. And again, and again!
Michelle Madia-Gregory
Charlottesville, VA
My dad with his parents and siblings. Found some negatives in an old barn, and sent them to YesVideo to convert to digital. Now I can share these memories which are over six years old with our family. Thanks YesVideo.
Sharon Lloyd Scott
Valley, Alabama
This means so much to me – you don't know. My dad was a movie taker, and now it's me who is passing along the tradition.
M. Camp
Flat Rock, MI
If you have all slides that you want to enjoy again, don't hesitate to send them to YesVideo. I will certainly use this service again.
Kathy Irr Berner
It was amazing what you did to digitize my 40 year old movies. They appear to be better than the original movie itself. Picture quality is very sharp and Crisp.
Canton. CT
We had YesVideo convert our video tapes to DVDs and didn't even know that we get access to the videos online as well. So awesome! Thanks YesVideo!
Brad Dillman
Chelmsford, MA
In just two weeks I have a treasure playing on my TV, and a spare copy made by YesVideo you sent to my friend.
R. Chamberg
Kissimmee, Florida
Your service is wonderful. Loved it and then I will certainly spread the word, especially during this holiday season.
Tracy Demiroz
Redwood City, CA
I was so excited to see my parents and myself on Christmas morning 1937.
Susan Munroe
Tampa, FL
Now my wife and I can conveniently enjoy our 52 years of marriage, trips, children and grandchildren because of your DVDs.
Bob and Betty Lindgren
Long Beach, CA
I use this service to copy videos from Scotland, quality was great and service was quick. I will definitely use them again.
Angela Mccortmack-Beaudry
Temecula, CA
I will never again have to fear the loss of a video. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Stephanie Goodman
Kansas City, MO
All this footage is been long forgotten and now is brought back to us and video. We shared tears and smiles with our family as we view it.
The Montano and Borquez Families
Chula Vista, CA
I absolutely loved watching the DVD; I was able to share this emotional and joyous memory with my 3 siblings.
K. Bennett
Medford, OR
I recommend this 8mm to DVD process to all. Now my dad is in my memories of the touch of a button.
I. Medina Monroe
Township, NJ
I've already watched the DVD several times. It makes me smile every time.
Karen Dickly
Tuscan, AZ
This service is excellant I wouldn't change a thing!
E. Turner
My movie reels were over 40 years old and a DVD quality was beautiful.
M. Oskay
Euclid, OH