Accepted Film Formats

Our film transfer service can convert many film formats, including:

8mm Film Reel

Super 8mm Film Reel

16mm Film Reel

About Us: What makes YesVideo Different?

Preserving & Sharing Memories, Strengthening Connections

YesVideo is dedicated to preserving memories, sharing moments, and strengthening connections that matter.

Millions of Memories Unlocked

Over the past 20+ years, 12 million families have entrusted YesVideo with unlocking their memories to rediscover and share.

Processed By Hand In The USA

Every order is handled by local members of the YesVideo team to ensure proper care and excellent results for your precious memories.

Patented Technology

Our innovative, patented methods make YesVideo the safe and reliable choice for transferring your irreplaceable media to digital formats.

Works with Google Photos

YesVideo is the only media transfer service that saves your memories to Google Photos

Preserve Your Old Film Reels in 3 Simple Steps

Once you gather your film reels, create your order and add to cart all the film types you would like to digitize. You can add an optional USB or DVD output to your order.
Send us your film by adding a shipping label during the easy YesVideo checkout process. Then, drop off your analog film at your local courier.
In a few weeks, your memories are unlocked for viewing, sharing, and gifting! If you ordered a USB or DVD output, we will mail it to you along with your original media.

What You Get

All Home Movie and Photo Transfers include a Digital Download and the option to add a USB or DVD.

Digital Download

Your transfer features a Digital Download of your ordered items, accessible in your MemoryCloud account for 60 days. View, download, and share your digitized memories straight from your account on any device.


Your digitized memories will be viewable on devices with a USB port, and files will be easy to store, duplicate, and back up


Our DVD offers automatic smart chapters, highlight videos, and the option to personalize the DVD with a title, theme, and background music.

Are There Other Options to Transfer Film to Digital?

There are a couple other DIY options to transfer Super 8 film, 8 mm film, and 16 mm film to digital including:

Collapsible content

Record While Playing

Maybe the easiest method to digitize film at home involves using a digital camera, modern camcorder, or even your phone camera to record the film as it plays through on a reel-to-reel projector.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to do it yourself


  • Poor quality that looks jittery, shows glares, and may contain outside noise
  • Time-consuming because you must record in real-time
  • Must be quiet, clean, flat, and uninterrupted

Film Scanner Equipment

A film scanner can be a great do-it-yourself option to convert your home movies into digital format, but they are primarily designed for tech-savvy users.


  • Good quality (if you know what you are doing)
  • Works with most Mac and Windows computers
  • Affordable options are available


  • Very time-consuming because you must scan the film frame-by-frame
  • Requires some technical knowledge to transfer film to digital
  • Film transfer may require additional cords and adapters

Why Should You Use a Film Transfer Service Instead of DIY solutions?

Although some options like the Kodak Scanza produce digital MP4 files, they often require technical expertise and may result in lower quality digital copies.

Additionally, scanning film frame-by-frame can be a time-consuming and risky process that may damage your original film.

In contrast, YesVideo's film transfer service offers superior quality results in under 30 days with the assurance that your old film reels will not be damaged during the transfer process.

We even provide splicing and cleaning services as needed.

Your Memories are Safe

Tagged & Tracked

As soon as we receive your package, all original media is tagged with a barcode and tracked throughout the entire process.

24/7 Monitoring

From the minute your media arrives to the time we ship it back to you, we monitor every single step throughout the operation.

Check Order Status

You can check the status of your order throughout the process using our order status look-up tool.

Digitally Backed Up

Every video and image that we transfer is securely backed up for 60 days after your order is completed.

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer Film to Digital?

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer Film to Digital?

We price our film transfer service by the length of the film, starting at $32.99 for the first 100 feet of film and $0.28 per foot of film after the initial 100 feet.

In addition, our service includes cleaning, splicing, and scratch reduction as necessary, which ensures your original copies and the memories they contain are secure and protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can convert 8 mm film, Super 8 mm film, and 16 mm film into digital format.
Both Super 8 and 8mm films are 8 millimeters in width, but Super 8 film offers a sharper image with high-definition and audio capability, which is why it used to be a prime choice for Hollywood filmmakers. 16mm film offers double the width, which means it allows for more detail.
The easiest option is to hold up the film in front of a light source and use a magnifying glass to view film reels, but that is impractical, especially if you want to share your memories with others. Another option is to use a vintage film editor to illuminate and view the film reels. However, the best option is to digitize your film for easy viewing on your DVD player, computer, hard drive, or smartphone.
In addition to film, YesVideo can digitize videotapes including VHS tapes, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, Betamax tapes, DVCAM, MiniDV, DVC, Video8, Digital8, and Hi-8 cassettes. We can also convert loose photos, photo albums, slides, and negatives as well as digital media like data CDs, DVDs, USBs, and memory cards.
Like YesVideo, most video transfer service offerings are available online. You may find local shops near you. However, more often than not, they are small mom-and-pop shops with a limited reputation and niche service offerings.

If you prefer to engage in these services locally, consider trying any of the reputable retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, CVS, and Costco. These retailers offer video transfer services fulfilled by YesVideo, which means they offer the same high-quality results.

Walmart and CVS, specifically offer the option to physically drop off your memories instead of shipping them.